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Integrated high-end technology equipment for lithium battery injection and formation

Shenzhen BONATESI Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Bao'an, Shenzhen. It is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and service of precision injection equipment.

The main products include: fully automatic turntable liquid injection machine, fully automatic linear liquid injection machine, glove box liquid injection machine, vacuum chamber liquid injection machine, single station liquid injection machine, equal pressure liquid injection machine, and scientific research liquid injection machine; Precision liquid injection pump

Electric pumps, digital pumps, ceramic pumps; The supporting equipment includes: battery cell assembly line, intelligent conveyor line, rotary table air extractor, rotary table leak detector, vacuum gluing machine, and glove box.

Focusing on the research and innovation of various fluid automatic injection equipment, our products are widely used in various application fields that require precision injection, such as batteries, pharmaceuticals, military industry, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Especially in the research and manufacturing of precision injection equipment for lithium-ion batteries, we have unique insights, and the manufacturing of precision injection equipment for lithium-ion power batteries is a pioneer in the industry.

Development History


  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 2014
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  • 2022
  • In 2011, we successfully developed a precision metering pump with an accuracy of 0.25%, breaking foreign monopolies

  • The first domestically created "liquid injection robot" in 2013

    Realize digitalization, intelligence, and unmanned liquid injection;

  • In 2014, became a technology incubation enterprise in Bao'an District, Shenzhen

  • In 2015, became a member unit of the Bao'an District Robot Industry Technology Innovation Alliance

    Awarded the title of "Shenzhen High tech Enterprise"

  • In 2016, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of "Han's Laser"

    Awarded the title of "High tech Enterprise", and the lithium battery weighing system has obtained "Double Soft" certification

  • Successfully entered BYD's supplier list in 2017

  • In 2018, 29 CATL fully automatic liquid injection lines were successfully delivered and all have been accepted

  • In 2019, we independently developed a fully automatic pressure forming machine and put it into operation, successfully delivering 7 Xinwangda production lines

    Formally repurchased 51% of shares of Dahua Laser, becoming the first company in the lithium battery industry to actively repurchase shares

  • In 2020, the self-developed fully automatic baking line was put into operation and successfully delivered to the entire military industry line

    The annual profit exceeded 25 million, and the transaction rate of frontline customers exceeded 90%

  • Successfully held BONATESI 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2021

    The company has relocated as a whole to a 30000 square meter independent park, with a cumulative order volume exceeding 450 million throughout the year

  • We have always been on the road, and the footsteps of the Pinates people have never stopped moving forward...

R&D strength


R&D team
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R & D Engineer
  • Liquid injection power battery and supply system
    At present, the liquid injection industry mainly adopts independently developed ceramic pumps. With the rapid development of power batteries, the quantity and requirements of liquid injection pumps are becoming higher and higher. Platinum Nanotes independently developed a power battery liquid supply system in 2020, filling the industry gap.
  • Composition and capacity detection cabinet and power supply system
    The core of the composition and capacitance detection cabinet is the power supply. Since 2018, our company has independently researched and developed key power supply technologies (using DSP digital control solutions), solving the problem of our products being stuck and significantly saving costs. It is a company that can independently provide series and parallel power supplies, following Qingtian, Titan, and Hangke.
  • High end laser cutting technology
    With the continuous improvement of processing efficiency and accuracy requirements for high-end equipment, Platinum Nanometers has formed a technical talent team to deeply polish laser cutting technology. The independently developed laser cutting equipment is currently being assembled and put into use by the end of October 2021.
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We always hold indomitable beliefs and continue to strive
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Enterprise Purpose


Enterprise Purpose


Transliterated from "BROTHERS", meaning "brother". The hand pattern on the left was created by the joint efforts of our two founders, who believed that unity is the cornerstone of creating the future, which was the initial definition of a brother.
Intelligent high-end technology equipment manufacturer
BONATESI is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer of intelligent high-end technology equipment in the new energy industry. On the path towards dreams, full of unknown difficulties and hardships, the people of Panatus will never forget their original intention and bravely climb.
Mission: To help every customer succeed. Spirit: Innovation, rigor, and happiness. Style: Integrity, dedication, and professionalism. Purpose: To work together and create a better future. Product philosophy: Details, reliability, and advanced. Business philosophy: Technology driven, customer-oriented

Over the past 13 years, we have provided product services to over 2000 enterprises